What is classroom research and how can it improve teaching and learning in my classroom?

Classroom research is simply an educator’s opportunity to improve their craft by trying new and tried and true methods to improve student learning. We have a question, and we search for a solution in past and present experiences, or we create our own through test and evaluation.

I believe that classroom research can improve our classroom teaching because we are always trying to find new ways for our students to learn. Research is more than experiments; it is looking for other ways of doing something, to see if the outcome will benefit our students.

By using research we as educators are trying something new, collecting data to prove or disprove its validity, and learning at the same time. #seaccr


One comment

  1. jnyboy1131 · January 19, 2015

    Kari made a great point about classroom research, she made the statement “When teachers question their practice and gather and analyze data using tools easily incorporated into everyday teaching, and improvement in practice is a logical outcome.” Rust and Meyers (2006) p. 73. I stand with my post that research can improve our craft by testing new things and finding new ways to improve learning. We should always be testing a new hypothesis, and seeking new ways to improve learning. #seaccr


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