Response to Week 2

Everyone seems to be on the same boat here. If we did not have peers to collaborate with, it would be a hard job to do. We should rely on others to help us, and allow us to help them, and those that are just too good to do so, should not be in this profession. I have seen the teachers that think they are the mavericks of the grade level, it is sad to see them working alone. If we didn’t have someone to bounce ideas off, to cry on a shoulder, to say why doesn’t this work for me, then it would be a wasted job, and we would have kids that would not benefit from the thoughts of others. In the end, we do this for our students, it is them who benefit from us thinking outside the box, and it is them who benefit from our peer groups working together.



  1. thestudysoldotna · January 25, 2015

    John, I agree and have also seen teachers alone in their classroom, one comes to mind that even ignored school assembly’s and stayed in her classroom with her students. She definitely was the, “Lone Ranger.” I have enjoyed collaboration throughout my career and can’t imagine effectively functioning without it. This past two weeks has helped me grow tremendously! Keep on keeping on!!


    • jnyboy1131 · January 26, 2015

      I am with you! I love to share, I was successful in business because of it, and now in teaching I have learned so much outside of our classroom! I get to work with very talented people that can do miricles with nothing.


  2. resqmeak · January 25, 2015

    I would say another name for collaboration would be teamwork. I don’t know that anyone is really that good to be the “maverick” as you mentioned. If they are that good, maybe they can impart their wisdom to us huh.


    • jnyboy1131 · January 26, 2015

      I have seen it first hand, a 1st grade teacher that only meets with her group when she has to, doesn’t share anything, comes and goes by herself. It is sad, there are 3 new teachers, one 10 year, and this 25 year teacher.


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