Reflection to Week 4, How have I contributed to others learning and how have they impacted mine.

Kerri is doing a research project that is similar and has allowed me to think about what I have chosen to do. I feel confident about my research, and about what I have read on the other blogs. I have had a lot of interest in The Six Minute Solution, and am happy I could provide information for others looking for a tool to improve fluency and comprehension.  The Six Minute Solution is a program that should be started in 1st grade and used throughout elementary. The research I found all points to a win for the students, and there is nothing that says you can only do it once a day.  Two of the articles I read both said that The Six Minute Solution was a fluency program, but comprehension should not be overlooked. I feel I have a program to help close the gap that I have which is pretty big right now.  I don’t know if I was really able to provide any help to my peers, I would like to think so. I do know that I have had a lot of inspiration from my peers, I have enjoyed reading their material, and there are some things I will steal for later. I know that working together even though we are all not on the same path gives us ideas to use as we work through the process.


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