Framework / Justification and Research Question

My research question is can The Six-Minute Solution help improve student scores on the AIMSweb R-CBM and MAZE tests. The literature revealed two main themes, repeated readings improved fluency and in some cases it also improved comprehension. Student fluency is needed to improve R-CBM and MAZE scores. The programs used in the studies all follow the same strategy. These strategies if used correctly have been shown to improve fluency and also improve comprehension. I want to test these same systems on a group of students that have such low fluency and comprehension scores. I feel that this program can help improve student reading, the fluency in which they read, and the understanding of the material they read.

The goal of this study is to see if students can benefit from repeated readings on a weekly administered probe. The goal is to see improvement weekly with an ultimate goal of bringing the students from falling far below to approaching standards in a four-week period.



  1. thestudysoldotna · February 20, 2015

    Sounds clear cut!! I am going to use a Kinder, a third grader, eighth grader and an adult student…interesting to look at all ages and compare data…Can’t wait to see your results! I will be racing to purchase The Six Minute Solution!:)


  2. ahayden2007 · February 21, 2015

    Sounds like a good Framework. I’m gather that you had to redo your Framework and Question section. Not sure if it matters to you, but the format she gave as an example put the question in the paragraph after the framework paragraph. If you’re concerned about that at all, you might want to restructure your composition to start with the sentence: “The literature revealed…” Then put your question in the second paragraph. Just a suggestion.


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