How am I preparing for data collection?

This is the part I have been waiting for!! I have my reading sheets pulled and labeled by week. I have my probes ready to go. All of my protocols are done and ready to go. I have a fellow teacher that is going to help me the first week by taking a few of my students for a hour so I can administer my baseline assessments on Monday morning, and utilize the Six-Minute Solution and graphing which I think will take more than 10 minutes the first day.

I had our education coach pick my baseline assessments, and a second-grade teacher pick my probes, so it is all completely random. I have made my student journals made, and have printed my observation checklists.

My class is ready to start this, they are excited to be part of it, and we are treating it like it’s a big deal. I feel good now, and ready.



  1. thestudysoldotna · February 28, 2015

    Yeah John, Can’t wait to see your results, I may need to bring The Six Minute Solution on board at The Study!


    • jnyboy1131 · March 2, 2015

      You should try it, the practice we did with it so my kids understood what to do, loved it!


  2. hmdavis2013 · March 2, 2015

    Yay John. You are ready to roll. Are you worried that things will have been tainted by you telling them about it? It is exciting that they are excited about it. I have not told mine that they are a part of a research project – not sure how they would take it.

    I like how you had others pick your baseline assessments and probes – that way it take away your biases.


  3. ahayden2007 · March 2, 2015

    Your enthusiasm is contagious! Can’t wait to hear how your first week of data collection goes. Ready or not, we’re all in.


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