How will I analyze my data? Why am I making these choices?

I will analyze my data based on how my students read, how they handle unknown words, and how they self correct. These three choices they make while they read, if done correctly, will improve their scores on both the R-CBM and the MAZE.

So far while using the Six-Minute Solution my students have improved on their fluency because they are conscious of what they are reading and how they read it. I have two students that have a hard time with reading and having it make sense. The rest see the connection of “I only have one minute, I need to pay attention”

The scores on my R-CBM and MAZE have shown improvement in the last two weeks. These improvements are larger than the standard monthly probes. This tells me that the use of The Six-Minute Solution is helping them increase fluency more so than just daily reading in class. I think it is the timed part, and it is a competition to see who has more words right with fewer errors. Also the weekly journal shows that students feel they are doing better reading after using the Six-Minute Solution.

The last two days of my observations have shown my readers have checked themselves with dropped endings and added endings (looked-ed). This was a huge part of the errors and reasons the scores went down in the past.

The analysis I am using is how has fluency improved, not the percent read, or quantity read, but the quality of the reading over time. I have to follow the numbers but they don’t tell me the quality, and that is what shows improvement.


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  1. hmdavis2013 · March 16, 2015

    I understand what you will be looking at while you analyze your data, but of the types of analysis given, do you know which type you are focusing on? Content, narrative, case study, etc. You have a lot to go through, and it is exciting to see improvement.


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