Reflection WK 9

The numbers tell me a lot, but they don’t tell me the actual learning I am seeing in the classroom. It seems we have had a lot of positive growth through the group this past two weeks. I am happy with mine, and where my kids are going with this.

The fact that I can listen to the kids and compare my notes day after day, and week after week tell me more than the numbers alone. I have seen growth in my two lowest students. It is not grade level jumping growth, but when they can read more than 50 words in a minute and read each word correctly with no errors and tell me what they read, that is more improvement than I have seen all school year!  The data tells me across the board, my kids are thinking when they read, they are predicting, but correcting errors and reading to understand.  The actual fluency is increasing and they are conscious of what they are doing.


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