Week 1 Reflection

Well I read a lot of blogs and everyone seemed to be on the same page.  The Horizon Report seemed to be the top trend.  I had never herd of this before this class and now I know something new.  Jahmila made a good point by saying that she believes emerging technologies are ideas or tools still in the development stage.  Kendra made a statement about blogging and tweeting, and a lot of people talked about the new trend BYOD.  While all this is great, it still comes back to “is the technology relevant to education”, and if it is, is it a useful tool in the learning process.  We as educators get to be on the ground floor of beta testing if our districts are open enough to let us try new things.  If they are not, all this talk is just that, talk, and we will never know if it is a viable tool to learning.  There are so many tools available to us now that are not that old, that could change the dynamic of the classroom, if districts would just stop and listen to common sense and not spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on old technology that has no real use in the classroom.

I still say that emerging technology is a tool that will help us learn.  A tool that will help us be more effecient in what we do, and allow our kids to advance not only in education but the changing of the world.  Not all technology is good, and not all is bad, but there has to be a need for it to be useful.


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