Which emerging pedagogy appeals most to you, and might be most useful for your classroom and students? Why?

As an adult who graduated high school and went to college using only books and libraries to do research with, moving into a technology world of teaching is difficult sometimes. I see all these cool tools that I think I could use in a classroom, only to find out the technology for its use doesn’t exist where I am.   It becomes frustrating to try and see an implementation course of action when you can’t use something. Mishra and Koehler (2007) show an illustration on the framework of TPACK (Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge), which builds on Shulman’s description of PCK (Pedagogical Content Knowledge).


In this model, there are three main components of teachers’ knowledge: content, pedagogy, and technology. Equally important to the model are the interactions between and among these bodies of knowledge, represented as PCK (Pedagogical Content Knoledge), TCK (technological content knowledge), TPK (technological pedagogical knowledge), hence TPACK, Mishra and Koehler (2007). I see this as an introduction to the future of teaching, and also a downfall of districts that are struggling to keep up. Another problem I have found is districts spend a lot of money on specialized software and program integrations that are only good for a year or two because technology is advancing so rapidly. This is the frustration that I have run into in the last two years. Looking for a solution, I may have found it in MOODLE. We have MOODLE, yet no one knows how to use it in my grade level. We have not been trained on what it can and can’t do, so thanks to youtube, I spent three hours pouring over the use and implementation of MOODLE. I see MOODLE fitting into the TPACK model, and being a viable course of action in my classroom.

A (not so) emerging technology that I would love to use is the flipped classroom. How cool would it be to have students go home, watch a video and practice a skill to come back the next day with a basic understanding of the task at hand? I could actually spend more time with the struggling students and challenge the ones that have a firm grasp on the knowledge without a thirty-minute lecture. Punya Mishra and Methew Koehler (2007) state “Technological pedagogical knowledge (TPK) is knowledge of the existence, components, and capabilities of various technologies as they are used in teaching and learning settings, and conversely, knowing how teaching might change as the result of using particular technologies.” I think this is so true, teaching could change dramatically with the use of technology, and the classroom environment could benefit greatly. The problem I have is less that 5% of my class does or will have Internet at home. There is no library outside of the school, there is no Internet café, and there is little to no cell service on the reservation. There is only one place that has WIFI and it is limited to paying customers only.

As a grade level, we discussed the use of MOODLE last night, and see an implementation course of action for our grade. Once a week our students get computer time for fifty-minutes. We can use that time to introduce a topic using the flipped classroom. It is not the ideal way, but it is something we can do to teach a skill coming up the next week, and have the kids practice up to that point. We can also use center time during the week, to reinforce that skill before it becomes the taught lesson. We believe that using the flipped classroom will help our struggling students see how it is done through a video, then put the skill to use in the classroom, and us, be able to spend the quality time needed to help the struggling students. Whether it works or not will remain to be seen, but I am optimistic.

I see the flipped classroom as a tool of the future, and a way of making learning fun. I know most everyone in this class is tech savvy already, but below is a video from Keith Hughes who make learning fun and easy on a shoe-string budget!


Mishra, P. & Koeler, M.J. (2006). Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge: A Framework for Teacher Knowledge. Teachers College Record, Volume 108, Number 6, June 2006, 1017-1054.

Koeler, M. J. & Mishra, P. (2009). What Is Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge? Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education, 9(1), 60-70.



  1. janeblasingame · June 1, 2015

    I like the idea for older students. The issues I see problematic are lack of internet and technology at home. Students being disciplined enough to do at home work. Getting families on board. My school is a low income with lots of disfunctional families. What kind of alternative system can you invision for kids who can’t work at home?


    • jnyboy1131 · June 1, 2015

      It would have to be something that can be done at school. The only tool I have is MOODLE, the students can do the work during their computer time. I am in the same boat as you. I work on a reservation, there is no money, most families aren’t involved, there is no technology at home, so I am just trying to figure out how to make it work.

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  2. tmerculief · June 3, 2015

    John- That is frustrating about technology and how rapidly it changes. That is one thing that districts have to figure on what to spend on. I have heard of MOODLE but have never tried it. What is it? That is another thing that is frustrating. When you do get something and it is new that you don’t get enough training on it to use it. We received new dell projectors this year. I guess they also can be used as a white board. We had about a hour training on them. That was it. I figured out how to use and show videos with it and show pictures on the screen. Have not figured out how to use the pen yet. I have to try and look on Youtube. That is a great place to start. I have find many answers using Youtube. I have the same problem well not that many students but I do have a lot that do not have access to internet at home. I can see if I did this that the ones with Internet would get further ahead and ones without behind. I think it I had someone to help implement it then I can do it but right now I don’t feel that I can do it successfully.


    • jnyboy1131 · June 8, 2015

      Well its just a website, and you create links and post materials. The one I have at work allows me to link website, other teachers, and lessons with online material from classroom materials. It is a lot of work, but in the end I think it will be a great tool for us, and our kids. For your new Dell product, use youtube, there is so much info out there. You will benefit form it in the long run. It is tough when kids don’t have access to the internet, and then the school and the standards expect them to have all this learning on technology, well we have little access to computers at school, once a week, and the computer teacher wants them to play math games. We keep telling her the kids need more than math games.

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  3. Scott Roleff · June 5, 2015

    I’ve seen flipped learning work well with students. One of our teachers has been using it the last couple of years and loves it. It’s not without its challenges, however. It takes commitment from both students and parents. Creating lessons that students can do at home is time consuming. These lessons do not have to be internet based but it is nice if kids can access some type of multimedia. With the limited amount of tech available to your kids, this would be a challenge. I like your idea of using some of their weekly computer time for flipped learning. You are be introducing them to new ways of learning and new ways of questioning.


    • jnyboy1131 · June 8, 2015

      Thanks Scott, you know, its worth a try, what is the worst thing that can happen.


  4. clindquist17 · June 8, 2015

    I think a lot of people forget that many students and schools do not have a lot of internet access. I can see where it would be difficult to implement new pedagogy, however, I love that you use MOODLE. It is definitely something that I am going to look into myself for my students. I am not at all familiar with MOODLE, but I love that this class allows me to find out about new things that I can use in my classroom.


  5. jnyboy1131 · June 8, 2015

    Isn’t it cool? I get a lot of ideas listening to others talk about something they want to try. And in the that is just it, something we are going to try. Some things work some don’t, but if we don’t at least try, then we will never know.


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