Week 2 Reflection

There was a lot of talk on this one. I agree with some of the posts I read, open learning would be a great tool for teacher PD, refresher material for students, new topic discussions. But in reality, a lot of that is for an older group, not my kids. I can see how it would benefit those that have no access, but for us, when universities already are picky on what they will and will not take as credit, and the actual income that they would lose, I don’t see it as a new and increasing trend anytime soon.

I see its benefits, and I see how it can be used, but I don’t see it as a new way of teaching in the future.As I said before, I see open learning as a great tool for expansion of knowledge, idea generation and collaboration, but not as a solid learning environment. I want to see the day when all children have the ability to use a device to log onto the Internet and communicate with other students around the world and create great things. I would love to see a society where all education was free, even higher learning, but that would come at a cost to our economy, and I don’t think people would be willing to sacrifice for it to be a reality.


One comment

  1. janeblasingame · June 1, 2015

    If we as a society would invest more money in education, I’m predicting we would have to invest less money in social programs and incarnation. We as citizens need to elect politicians who are willing to make that investment


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