Reflection WK 3

Cherie made a great point on the flipped classroom, She seen the positives with parental involvement, and the pitfalls of the kids that just don’t want to do it. It is a lot of work to have a good flipped classroom, to have parents on board, the hurdle of access to technology.

Everyone seems to be talking about how we are learning from others and seeing new ways of doing things. I am grateful to listen to these new ideas and have an idea of how to try something new. Scott said it takes a lot of commitment to flip a classroom, and he is so right, and he also said they do not have to be Internet based, but it helps a lot. With the use of the Internet students and parents can be on the same page with learning, and it could help build a bond between the classroom and family. We will see, I think everything is worth a try; if you have the ability, and the resources why not try it.

I am glad we have the ability to listen and learn from each other and get new ideas for learning.


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