Reflection Week 4

I read a lot of great blogs this week. Everyone seemed to be on the same page, construction with imagination equals ideas. There were a lot of great videos and ideas posted that all said lets build something. I wanted to build something for the love of god!! I remember when we used to use dominoes and hot wheels to set up elaborate things that really did nothing, but it was the accomplishment and the knowing that we could.

I also found some apps for the Ipad for those that have that technology and not the space. There are two apps for builders, one is The Amazing Alex, you have to complete a task by building a contraption using scissors, balloons, balls, books, all kinds of stuff that when started it is a chain reaction to get to a goal. I played all the free ones, there were nine I think, and it got progressively harder. The other one is called Tinker Box. You build your own creations. This is the same concept as a makers space only electronically, not physically. Like I said if the space is not available, maybe the app is.

This whole week was a great learning experience for me. I am glad this was a topic, because it is something that maybe not now, but in the near future I can have at my school.  I have a lot of ideas swimming in my head, I just need the time to see if they can become real.


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