Reflection WK 5

This was a fun week. I love to imagine things, and the thought of using my imagination to create a product that could possible be real, that’s cool. I read a lot of good articles this week and everyone had great ideas.

I really like the idea about the hologram, there could be so many uses for a product like that. I can see it in art, science, social studies, math, reading, even writing. I would change the concept of videos to a real interactive platform for learning. The whole teaching calculator to help student see the error in math would be a great tool for use at home when the parents cant help. Memory goggles, come on what a concept. I never would have thought up something so cool! The benefits are huge, and not only for children but adults with brain injuries.

I received a lot of feedback on my product that I hadn’t thought of. Use it to check in and out of class, store all of the info on it or have it back up to the cloud daily. These just add to the science of thought. We all have great imaginations, if we only had the resources to act on them, our world would be so different.

This week really taught me how I so want my kids to win in life. I would do anything to make their life easier, and so would everyone else in this class. I think its great that we all still can dream of a place that is better than what we have now, and try to come up with ideas to make it a reality. This was a great week!!



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