Reflection Week 8

Well this was another great week. Everyone seemed to be on the same page here.   It seems most people want to spend more quality time playing to understand and everyone sees the game as a tool for the classroom. Myself, I would have loved to be able to see the giver game, and watch the kids build to the story.   That would have been great.

During our twitter session, everyone kept going back to social studies applications and literature applications as the main use in the classroom. When we threw out the question of using it in a maker space or with 3D printers most everyone had ideas for that as well.

I like the idea of using this game, if I had the computers, I would try to do it using MinecraftEDU so I wouldn’t have to think too hard. I would let them control the hard stuff and then my kids could concentrate on the building. There were a few people that thought the survival mode was a good idea; I see it as a downfall for learning. There are to many kids that are too competitive, and too many that like to be mean. If there was no way to steal, hurt, or just ruin someone’s play, then that would be what I want.  I think it could be authentic learning at that point, painless, your own, and free of drama.

I love games, but my games are not suited to learning (unless hits on people and the earning of money goes with economics) so to see a simple platform that was basic building was neat to watch.  My kids love Legos and this is just Legos on steroids so I think it is a great idea!  In the future where I work, maybe one day we will be able to try these cool things and see if really does aid in learning.



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