Reflection Week 9

I read a lot of great posts on the subject of BYOD. There are a lot of good points on both for and against the subject. One article I read was having families paying for the technology instead of the school. We all wish our kids could have a device at their desk, I mean really think about the engagement. I also know that if students did each have a device, we could go deeper into learning by being able to research while we worked. I am looking at this concept from a third grade point of view not high school. This is the future, there is no doubt, and I feel parents need to carry some of the burden of implementation. I know I am living in a dream world, but with prices so low, I think it is possible.

If schools could buy at a discount and pass that savings on to parents, why couldn’t parents buy a tablet for their child with monthly payments over the course of a year? The cost would be low; the school would carry the burden for the first six months and then have their money back. Students would have a tablet, to use for the rest of the education process and parents could have an upgrade in say five years.

Like I said this is the future, and parents just like schools are responsible for their child’s learning. I like the idea of devices in school; I don’t like the idea that not everyone can have one. I can see a benefit to the idea, and students would be better prepared for the real world. There are a lot of bugs to work out, and security is a big issue, as well as bandwidth, but in the end, the spending now on something that is useful, is more relevant than the spending on a license for a reading program with games that no one uses now. We need to look at the future, and it is here, knocking on the door, and we all know that we don’t want our kids being the ones stuck outside.


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