Reflection Week 10

Well we had a great twitter session on this topic and I have read a lot of good blogs about the uses of electronic crafting. I read one blog where they wanted to make a map and have the kids make it light up where they live, that would be pretty cool. There were a lot of neat ideas that this technology could be used for. However, in the classroom as a learning tool, I don’t see it. I can teach circuits and electricity a lot cheaper than this with an actual purpose.

I can see this being used in school though. As a science fair project, as an art show project, defiantly. But in the classroom as an art project, no. The technology is cool, I want to play with it. But its not something I would want to use to teach with. There are some that want to bring it in and try it with their kids, good for them, I wish them luck.

We have covered some great material in this class, we talked about things that I really want to make happen, but this topic really disappointed me. This is outside the class stuff for the most part. As a craft this is great, kids parents can buy them this and they can have a ball with it. I can’t see spending the money on this for my classroom.

I would rather invest time and money in a maker space, a 3-D printer, or even trying to get the infrastructure for a BYOD school. All of those are technologies that are beneficial to kids and useful in the world today. Crafting is fun, with technology it is probably more fun, but it is not going to teach my kids any more than any other technology.


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