Week 12


Week Eleven Reflection

I read a lot of great blogs this week. There are a lot of school districts that already have great policies in place and are ready to implement new material. I applaud those districts for being forward thinking and pro student.

In the last three weeks, my school was broken into and vandalized, computers stolen, windows smashed, doors broken. Over 20K in damages and theft, to top it off, Cradleboard Elementary decided to leave the A/C off in the whole school, it was over 100 degrees, the server burnt up. There goes the tech budget for the year. Another year of no computers for our students.

It is frustrating to have write a plan that you know will never be looked at, used, thought about, or seen as viable. I think a lot of us have these big dreams and want so much more for our kids. We want them to not follow in their family’s footsteps; we want them to go to college, to be something. We are sending kids into the world with less than half the knowledge they need because the state will not put money where it needs to be, in education. We are proud to say that as a state, Arizona has finally become the 50th worst state for education, teacher pay, and teacher support. We finally achieved something!

Teaching kids how to blog on Moodle will be fairly easy, teaching them policy on how, proper use, and digital citizenship, will be a whole different animal! With nothing to go, this will be interesting.